subtlety is a fine art

was i invading in on your secrets?

are we scarred for life, do you think?
29 June 1984
United Kingdom
Chalkstone Middle School - Haverhill England - Suffolk UK (1993 - 1997)
Samuel Ward Upper School - Haverhill England - Suffolk UK (1997 - 2002)
University of Brighton - Brighton England - East Sussex UK (2002 - 2007)
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24, abusing shakespeare, alex o'loughlin, alexander skarsgård, all boys in eyeliner, angelina jolie, australia losing, band of brothers, batman, being a complex soul, being a sports whore, being random, biggles, bill bailey, bilo♥biggles, blackcaps, books, boys kissing, brends in eyeliner, brigade, bunz, butch cassidy/sundance kid, carlos ashley raphael barât, charlie simpson's big arse, christian bale, chubbfuzzny, colin farrell, crashing debates, cricket, danny jones, danny jones' hipbones, danny jones' voice, danny♥harry, david "bumble" lloyd, david tennant, defeating the conspiracy, didz!, dirty pretty things, doctor who, dougie poynter, drinking, drinking tea, eastbenders, eddie izzard, engineering, england rfc, er, ewan mcgregor, fast bowlers, fightstar, films, filthy pc users, finland, formula one, freddie flintoff, gay boys, giant cornflake cakes, ginnnnnn, glamorgan ccc, harry judd, harry judd's collarbone, harry judd's forearms, having a lisp, hawaii five-0, hello kitty, hippos!!, his dark materials, hitting sendspace with spades, hockeyfeels, humouring shar, icherishyoumylove, ickle anthony davidson, ickle brendon mccullum, interpol, jack bauer, jaffa cakes, juddjones, kaner, kiefer sutherland, kimi räikkönen, lambie manufacturing, lazvernius, liverpool fc, london wasps, matt bellamy, matthew hoggard, mcfly, mcfly slash, michael fassbender, michael vaughan, mika häkkinen, mike&jeff's epic love story, misquoting literature, mitchell&webb, monty python, mumbling, muse, music, new zealand, new zealand cricket, no you say mine, nz boys, peter doherty, peter/carl, phallic pencils, picslutting, pointless gadgetry, pretty boys in drag, prissy mac users, reading, red dwarf, ricky wilson, rock music, rugby union, sami hyypia, sci-fi, scott caan, sebastien loeb, sergio garcia, shane bond, sheep raising, shiny gay pop boys, short blonde weegies, simon jones, slash, smut, snack pimping, southland, star wars, steven gerrard, suomi, talking really fast, tazer, the beatles, the big lads, the cooper temple clause, the fort!!!!, the futureheads, the libertines, the mars volta, the smiths, vampires, von♥clara, webcomics, writing, wwi poetry, x men, xabi alonso
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"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex." ~ Oscar Wilde

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